The Friends of Bunker Hill is a non-profit organization that oversees the Bunker Hill Retreat.  The Friends of Bunker Hill provides a charitable way for people to give back and support a place that is very near and dear to them.


Donations in the past have been used to help cover unexpected needs like replacing damaged equipment or furniture. In April of 2017, Bunker Hill experienced extreme rain that caused the Jacks Fork River to rise so much that its waters reached the row of cabins closest to it. The damage to Bunker Hill was extensive and occurred right before the retreat was slated to open.  Thanks to the extremely generous gifts of donors, Greg and Mary had the resources to make the immediate repairs needed to open the retreat on time.

Those wishing to make a single donation can do so here. Dedicated donors can become a Bunker Hill Friend Forever by making a reoccurring donation to the retreat. Finally, those wishing to make the retreat’s future success part of their legacy can include the Friends of Bunker Hill in their will or trust.

For more information about any of these options, please contact the Friends of Bunker Hill Development and Fundraising Manager – Joe Pallikkathayil. Joe can be reached via email or at 573-499-5427.



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