Joe Pallikkathayil

Classroom Management Retreat April 26-28

Bunker Hill has a long standing tradition of hosting educational retreats on its secluded grounds. If you are interested in hosting a retreat like the one below, please contact Joe Pallikkathayil at 573-808-7159 and tell him about your retreat idea. Managing Challenging Behaviors in the Regular Classroom Environment (click here to register) April 26-28th It […]

BFF List 1

The Friends of Bunker Hill would like to acknowledge and thank the following BFFs (Bunker Hill Friends Forever) for their sustained contributions to Bunker Hill.  To become a BFF, an individual must commit to donate at least $500 each year to Bunker Hill. Be sure to visit this page if you would like to join […]


The Friends of Bunker Hill plan on building a new walking trail this fall and we are challenging Bunker Hill’s guests to get ready for it by joining our Trailblazers walking challenge. Use the form below to log your daily steps. We will send out regular email updates to those participating sharing how far we […]


Will you be our BFF? Do you want to become a Bunker Hill Friend Forever (BFF)?  To become a BFF, you must be willing to commit to donating $45 monthly (or $500 annually) to the Friends of Bunker Hill.  The BFFs continued annual support will make future improvement projects possible and pave the way for a fantastic future for Bunker Hill. BFF’s will be […]